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Duckfeet Shoe Laces

Size Guide


Be­fo­re or­de­ring shoes, we recommend you mea­su­re the length of your feet to find the right size. Our chart may help you, but does not gu­a­ran­tee that the shoes fit.

To ascertain your measurement, stand on a ruler against a wall. Your measurement should include the entire length of your foot, measured from heel to longest toe.

Please mea­su­re both feet, and choose your size based on the largest measurement. 

If your foot length equals the maximum on any of the measurements, please choose the next size up. 

Boots with wool lining might need to be or­de­red in the next size up to accommodate the wool.

Length max. (mm) Shoe Size
223 35
230 36
236 37
243 38
250 39
256 40
263 41
270 42
277 43
283 44
289 45
295 46
301 47
307 48
314 49
320 50

Size Circumference   Shaft height – cm
36 36 29.5
37 37.5 29.5
38 38 30
39 39 30.5
40 39 31.5
41 39.5 32
42 40 32
43 40.5 32

Size Circumference   Shaft height – cm
36 36 29.5
37 36.5 29.5
38 37 30
39 38 30.5
40 38.5 31.5
41 39.5 32
42 40 32
43 40.5 32

Freshen up your Duckfeet with our Original Danish shoe laces. Beige laces are traditionally reserved for all colours except black, which are suited to the dark brown laces. Please note, the sizing correlates to your shoes style.

Faborg and Odense: 100cm

Fyn and Ribe: 85cm

Sjaelland and Jylland: 65cm


Please note that not all laces are available with the Duckfeet print as they have been discontinued. Laces may have print of be plain laces.

Duckfeet Shoe Laces
Duckfeet Shoe Laces Sale price$12.00

Duckfeet in Denmark have been making shoes by hand for over forty years. Duckfeet are simple and functional, typical of mid-20th century Danish design. Duckfeet’s foot-formed design allows room for the toes to spread naturally as you walk, and for air to reach the feet. Leather midsoles and uppers breathe and transport moisture away from the foot. We use leather because it’s strong and long-lasting, but also flexible – allowing the shoe to move with and mould to your individual foot shape.

No two pairs of Duckfeet are exactly alike. Every pair of shoes is treated individually during production, the natural tanning and processing by hand allows for subtle variations in the leather. These variations are highlighted by the particular way you wear them, which imbues each shoe with personality, your story, for your life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Bronte Day
Ducks Need Shoelaces Too

In the modern world of synthetics, shoelaces need to be tied once, twice, thrice … to prevent them endlessly untying but not so with Duckfeet! Just the once … and not too tightly … part of the comfort of Duckfeet shoes is the elegantly humble shoelace that looks the part and needs tying just once!

Russell Cant
Round 3

I bought my duck shoes about 5 years ago and have worn them every day ever since. I love them. I have had them re-soled 3 times and they are still going strong. Best shoes ever - and the laces are good too!

Customer service on point.

Customer service was great, and helpful looking forward to having my Faborg Boots back as they were in need of a resole, Have had a few pairs of the Faborgs over the years. 😊 Keep up the great work guys and girls, one happy 🥝 Kiwi here.

Sam Dusting
Best Shoes!

I’ve had my Duckfeet for over 6 years now, a buff up and new pair of laces and they look brand new. I’m a florist and on my feet all day, my Duckfeet have never let me down and feel like a second skin.

Ryan McBride
All laced up

Great laces. Cool colour match. I'm good to go!