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Fraudulent Websites

If you have searched the Internet for Duckfeet products, then you may have encountered websites that advertise counterfeit Duckfeet boots, particularly the Århus model. Websites that use phrases such as “duckfeet boots sale”, “discounted duckfeet boots sale”, “duckfeet boots outlet”, and “discount duckfeet” are suspect.

While these websites may use the Duckfeet brand name and have the look and feel of our main sites, and, they are illegitimate, and any Duckfeet product they offer for sale is counterfeit. In some cases, these sites employ dishonest practices like dynamically pulling content from our website, using various URL redirects, or claim discounts of 40 % or more. 

One of the main tells of a counterfeit product is it lacks the flag of Denmark that is attached at the outside heel on both left and right half-pairs on all our Duckfeet boots and shoes.



Authentic Duckfeet® products can be found on this website (, along with our Danish partner at and American partner at You can also find authentic Duckfeet products in select stores and boutiques, each of which is listed on our Stockists page if they are based in Australia or New Zealand.


If you are unsure if a website you have found is legitimate, please get in touch with us and we will let you know.

If you’ve found a suspicious or counterfeit site please submit the website for investigation, by copying the site link and emailing it to us - thank you for your help!


Current Website Scams

Confirmed website scams that we are currently aware of. We have no association with these websites, they are not selling legitimate Duckfeet Products. Please do not use these websites: