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Duckfeet Resole
Beverley Thew
Best comfortable shoes

Duckfeet are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
Service for resoling is so easy and effortless.

Tracker Decon FG2 Mens

They're great.
Was worried my foot would be to wide but they fit true to size.
Very comfortable and very happy.

Vivo boots

I found them comfortable from the start with my high arches and wide foot but im not sure they are worth $450 for a boot that clearly has less materials and a lot easier to make. Im hoping they last well the feeling of being duped might subside

I love the colour and comfortable after the third wear. I made the mistake of not wearing bandaids on the first wear and wore the incorrect socks. Now the boots are perfect.

Leather Care
Kim Shephard-Thorn
Leather cream

Great product - easy to apply with no mess and revives the colour of the leather - happy duck feet! 😀

Tracker Decon FG2 Mens
Matt Guzzardi
Vivo Barefoot Tracker Boots

Staff noticeably cared for me in conjunction with a prompt arrival of the boots I love to wear

Wool Insoles
Amy Nash
Felt insoles

The felt insoles are incredibly comfortable and warm. I bought an extra pair to wear in my other boots and what a great decision that was! Now my feet are toasty and warm all day - no more chilblains for me!

Emma - Eco
Mary Annand
Perfectly comfortable from the very start - could wear them all day every day!

My Emma boots are the perfect shoe for me. I felt like they had moulded to my foot from the first step. The latex sole gives just the right amount of cushioning. No need for heel pads or orthotics with them, as my plantar fasciitis has stayed quiet and of no significance since I started wearing them.

Made for my feet

From the first wear these shoes have been incredible. I know they will last a very long time which is important to me - timeless, solid quality. Great service and fast delivery. I loved the handwritten note that was included. A lovely touch. I found the measurement guide using a ruler to be really helpful and accurate.

Best shoes, at such a good price, posted super fast and with a personal note from the store. Thanks legends.

Rachel Reed
Nice and soft

The leather is lovely and soft. This is my second pair of Duckfeet boots. They are so comfortable.

Great service and perfect pair of shoes

I was greeted with a smile and welcomed into the shop. The store assistant patiently let me try on some shoes. A few fittings and with much advice later - we found the perfect pair (Vivobarefoot Gobi III Mens and Duckfeet Fyn, yes 2 x pairs!) I am very happy.

Karla Waterman
My favourite sandals

I have 2 pairs of Lokken now, in black and chocolate. My black ones have been through several summers and I recently had them resoled by Duckfeet. The resoled sole is slightly thicker than the original sole, so it should be longer until I need to resole them again. I love these sandals, they go with everything and can be worn casually or out to dinner. My only qualm with them is that if you wear them every day they get stinky! Part of the reality of leather shoes with no socks I think. So it’s better to have a day in between to let them rest and dry out a bit. Also if you live in a humid area they can get mouldy if you don’t wear them for a while but it wipes off no worries and the leather is perfectly fine after.

Magna Lite SG Womens
Suzette Campbell
Five star

Great shoes helpful friendly staff my feet are loving life x


Most comfortable warm and practical boots I’ve ever had; I’ve hardly taken them off since I purchased them- perfect for a Tasmanian autumn/ winter !

Manik Meah

I went in to test my shoe size on some shoes I bought a few weeks ago (two pairs, Vivobarefoot and Duck Feet). I was served by a professional store assistant who helped me into some insoles. Now my Natural Shoe Store shoes fit perfectly! Thank you!

I f*cking love my new boots

When you open this email to start the review 5 stars is automatically selected and I haven't changed that. I guess you guys suspect you do a good job and I'm here to confirm that. I was really happy with the assistance from the Boot Consultant, she knew her boots and she helped me make my choice in a non-pushy way. I basically I haven't taken them off, I mean it gets a bit weird in the shower and in bed, but they just feel so good. I'm really hoping for $50 voucher, I'd even be so bold as to say I'd like $100, because I want to buy some hiking boots from the store but with a baby on the way, I can't afford two massive shoe blowouts in three months. Cost of living crisis and all. But yeah, the lace up brown Danish boots are great. Cheers.

Rachel Islip
Love my duck feet!

Great, friendly and accurate service for my very first pair of duck feet. I love them and have had lots of compliments. They won’t be my last.
They were the type of shoes I have been searching for, for a very long time.

This is the third pair of these shoes I have bought

These shoes are amazingly comfortable for my feet. I do a lot of walking, and they are great! They run a little small I believe, so if you are between sizes I would recommend you size up.

Leather Care
Diane Schnebli
leather care

My tin of polish came in a useful calico bag with two sponges and a handwritten note. The polish is lovely and really brings my well-loved duckfeet shoes back to life. It really is the best shoe protection that I have found.

Mark Williamson
Shoe excellence

A fine service selling an excellent product.
Exciting to wear and wonderful for my feet shaped by years of bare feet walking.
I look forward to your continuing service and products.


I ordered my Himmerlands on a Friday and the arrived the following Monday! I was so impressed by how quickly they were delivered and the care that was put into that delivery. I loved the handwritten thank you note - such a nice touch! I've fallen in love with my Himmerlands already. They are so comfortable and so cute!!! Will definitely be recommending Duckfeet to my friends :)

Great service and shoes

Thanks for the great service and support. My feet are very thankful. I will be back.

Be Lenka Cityscape
Tegan Tisma
Be Lenka Shoes are the Best

It was so exciting to find a pair of shoes that look good for casual wear that didn't squish my toes together for the first time ever!

Peter Keyes
TheGretest shoes

I have now 6 pair of Duckfeet, all different styles and all the best shoes I have ever owned. I can not imagine buying better shoes except maybe for bush walking. Certainly my next will be Duckfeet from the Natural Shoe Company